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Japan’s Braun Corp and India’s LeadCap announce tie-up

The two companies will come together to support Japanese business in India

Tokyo, June 06, 2018 – Japan’s printing and market research firm, Braun Corp and India’s front of the line market and business intelligence firm, LeadCap, have announced a strategic alliance that is aimed at serving Japanese companies in India.

In addition to providing printing services to companies in Japan, Braun also offers India market research and business support services to Japanese companies looking to invest or set up business in India.

On the other hand, LeadCap is one of India’s frontline market and business intelligence firm that supports businesses in Indian and foreign markets.
Braun’s President, Mr. Yuji Kanto, announced that Japanese companies can now derive the benefits of the combined strengths of Braun and LeadCap. This partnership greatly complements each other strengths and enables both the companies to offer end-to-end support to Japanese companies in India.

While Braun will work closely with the Japanese customers in Japan and help in initiating customer engagement, LeadCap will handle India local support implementation. This way, the two firms will together offer the full gamut of services, from market research to
intelligence insights, business set up and channel partner support.

LeadCap founder Mr. Sangeeth Varghese also mentioned that………

Through this tie-up, the two companies aspire to act as agents to catalyze further business cooperation between Japan and India.

About Braun
Established in 1968, Braun Corporation has been in the business of providing printing services to companies in Japan. Braun also offers highly customized market research, business support and intelligence, on-ground project support services to Japanese companies in India. Braun’s president has published several articles about India business in Japan’s newspapers.

About LeadCap
Leading global research, advisory and consulting firm founded by management experts from the Harvard and the London School of Economics. Over the past decade, with capacity and offices across South Asia and Africa, LeadCap has successfully completed more than 3000 challenging engagements for clients ranging from governments, international institutions and Fortune 500 corporations. LeadCap works closely with several Japanese corporations and institutions including JETRO, IGES, Toyota, Ricoh and Shikoku.

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