Food processing

1. Passion statement
As you know, one of the business sectors India wants to put priority on is the food processing sector. India is the second largest in the world in terms of agricultural production, growth, consumption and export.
In recent times, India and Japan are taking steps to strengthen ties in the agriculture and food processing sector. The prospects for a mutually fruitful partnership are strong.
We look forward to fully support Indian and Japanese companies in this area.

2. About us
Currently, Indian food processing industry is mainly export oriented, with exports going to places as varied as Europe, Middle East, USA and Japan.
Despite this, India’s agriculture sector faces a serious problem in terms of food wastage.
Wastage and losses account for about 20 percent of total produce, mainly due to shortage of stock place and only 2 to 3 percent of vegetables and fruits are sent for processing.
This problem can be solved in cooperation with Japanese companies that can provide technical and investment in partnership with local Indian companies.
We are well placed to help Japanese companies participate in this domain, which has excellent future prospects, and can be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
To put in concrete terms:
1. If Japanese company cannot afford to investing money, then
It may be possible to pay the material to local manufacturer and make a product and sell it to local consumers by cooperating with local disributors.
2. If Japanese company can invest additional machine in the local manufacturer
3. If Japanese company can set up their factory in industrial park
And in case of export to Japanese market, we can find wholesalors or retailers that can purchase the processing foods, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits and seafoods.
Japan’s total market has been shrinking every year due to a contraction in its population. But the population of senior citizens has been increasing.
At the same time, the number of people coming from overseas has been increasing as tourists and business. There is strong demand for food processing sector for industrial and individual reasons.
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