Visit Japan from India

1. ‘Passion’ statement

To combine our passion for travel and our love for everything related to India-Japan!

To act as a catalyst to further strengthen ties between India and Japan by promoting greater understanding and interaction between the people of the two countries

To leverage tourism as a way to increase understanding, awareness and business between the people of India and Japan

To promote Japan as a sought-after tourist destination among Indian people

1. About Us

This venture is a sincere effort from our side to offer holistic information to Indian travelers about Japan as a tourist destination.
Our team consists of Japanese and Indian members. Being in love with both the countries and having experience the beauty of Japan at many locations, and at different levels, we realized that awareness of Japan as an amazing tourist destination is still not that deep among Indian travelers.
So, we decided to do something about it.

You can find a lot of information about Japan scattered across hundreds of webpages on the internet. What’s new here, you ask?
Well, in addition to information about tourist locations/attractions in Japan, we also provide all related information about those locations, such as places to eat at (can be lifesavers for vegetarians), places to stay at, places to shop at, etc. We also provide reviews of restaurants, most of them first-hand. We try them first before we recommend them to you.
So, not only will you know about tourist locations, but you will also know about the best places to eat, stay and shop at close to those locations.

We aim to act as a nodal entity to connect various stakeholders, such as Indian people, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, tourist locations, Japanese prefectural governments to offer a wholesome tourism experience to Indian travellers, increased tourism revenues for the other stakeholders, and promote Japan as a destination for experiencing the beauty, tranquillity, spirituality, excitement and adventure that the country has to offer.

If you are looking for any specific information about Japan, feel free to write in to us at, and we’ll get back to you in quick time.